• Metal-Carboxylates


Metal - Carboxylates are metal organic compounds, mainly liquids used as drying and curing catalysts in different industries like:

  • Paint- and Varnish-Industry
  • Printing Ink Industry
  • Rubber- and Tire-Industry (Bonding-Agents)
  • Unsaturated Polyesters (Accelerators)
  • Polyurethane rigid- and soft-foams (Catalysts)
  • Petrochemistry (Fuel-Additives)
  • Synthetic rubber (Promoters)
  • Lubricant Industry (Additives)
  • PVC Industry (Stabilizers)

The Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge NV (USMB) Metal - Carboxylates will be produced as Single - Metal and as Combination Driers, based on various metals.

Delivery Program